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Our machine-learning based Search and Recommendation technology provides tailored and optimized experience


Collecting events and analyzing data for user actions, preferences, and context like location, device.

Discovery Engine

Providing real-time intelligent search and tailored recommendation backed by machine learning.

User Experience

Helping users to discover what they are looking easily by smart search technologies and features.

Core Functionalities

Our service ensures that your shop system delivers lightning fast, relevant search results and leverages our recommendation system to boost your conversion rate. By using machine learning techniques, it automatically categorizes and ranks relevance of the products.

We believe in the power of data to help us identify the needs of your customers and that a better understanding of your customers’ needs is critical to strengthening the relationship with your customer base.


Proudly used by the market leaders in e-commerce and fashion.

“Datajet has been an important partner in our personalization strategy. Our customers love the recommendations we provide to them along the shopping experience and the technology has proven to be a valuable revenue driver for ZALORA in South East Asia.

Silvia Thom

Silvia Thom Director Product Management ZALORA

“Global Fashion Group, the world’s leading online fashion destination for emerging markets, is glad to collaborate with Datajet for their ability to scale across our 24 countries and expertise to offer best in-class shopping experience for our customers.

Isabelle Bénard

Isabelle Bénard Head of Product Management Global Fashion Group

“As a Latam’s market leader in fashion e-commerce, Dafiti have the challenge to find the most relevant and personalized item for the customers. Datajet has been a valuable partner in providing us a fast and reliable search.

Roosevelt Nascimento Junior

Roosevelt Nascimento Junior Chief Product Officer DAFITI


Our expertise in technology and data analytics has allowed us to build a system that enables you to create an engaging, personalized shopping experience and lasting customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Search

Machine-learning powered search built for web and app with custom and automated result rankings.


Enables users to quickly autocomplete their searches as they type, leveraging searching and filtering.


Automatically tailor product recommendations to customer preference and business goals.

Visual Search

Helping users to take a photo to discover products when words are not enough to describe.


We are a passionate group of technologists with collective experience across leading technology and e-commerce companies.


Serkan Baydin

Head of Search


Igor Veremchuk

Technical Lead


Cristian Angelini

Senior Software Engineer


Naresh Venkateshappa

Senior System Engineer


Moath Almallahi

Senior Software Engineer


Sri Balaji Gopinath

Senior Software Engineer


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Our machine-learning based search and recommendation technology lets your customers discover and find products they love. Optimize search and recommendation in your apps and desktop according to your business goals and customer preference.